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Based in Norwich, UNESCO City of Literature, Strangers Press is dedicated to publishing the finest literature in translation in collaboration with the British Centre for Literary Translation, University of East Anglia,  and The National Centre for Writing. We believe translation is a cultural exchange.

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RECONSTRUCTION by Karin Amatmoekrim // Sarah Timmer Harvey

THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH US by Thomas Heerma van Voss // Moshe Gilula

BERGJE by Bregje Hofstede // Alice Tetley-Paul

THE TOURIST BUTCHER... by Jamal Ouariachi // Scott Emblen-Jarrett

IN DEFENCE OF COMMUNISM by Gustaaf Peek // Brendan Monaghan

THE DANDY by Nina Polak // Emma Rault

SHELTER by Sanneke van Hassel // Danny Guinan

SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN by Maartje Wortel // Jozef van der Voort


Also available: 

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EUROPA by Han Kang // Deborah Smith

FIVE PRELUDES... by Cheon Heerahn // Emily Yae Won

LEFT'S RIGHT... by Han Yujoo // Janet Hong

MILENA, MILENA... by Bae Suah // Deborah Smith

OLD WRESTLER by Jeon Sungtae // Sora Kim-Russell

KONG'S GARDEN by Hwang Jungeun // Jeon Seung-Hee

DEMONS by Kang Hwagil // Mattho Mandersloot

DIVORCE by Kim Soom // Emily Yae Won

YEOYU was made possible by generous funding from LTI Korea.

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