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+SVIZRA was funded by Pro Helvetia and offers a range of Swiss writing from a diverse group of some of the best authors living and working in Switzerland today, including National Literature Prize winning Anna Ruchat, Iraqi exile Usama Al Shahmani, and Romansh author, Rut Plouda.

It takes its name from the Romansh name for 'Switzerland' and is another collaboration with an international group of authors, translators, publishers, designers and editors. The series is comprised of works from each of the four official languages of Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh.

In publishing them, along with other sets on the way, we are continuing our mission to broaden the appreciation and breadth in the UK of contemporary European writing in particular and international literature in general, still working against a rising political tide of mutual suspicion, intolerance and aggression.

Instead, +SVIZRA is about mutual curiosity and co-operation between languages and cultures. It is also about great stories and there's certain to be something in this thrilling collection for everyone to enjoy as each writer, in their own way, points to a hoped-for better world...

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