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이야기 means 'story' in Korean - so you can see why we thought our latest set of short stories, from South Korea, should be given that name! Our new series is another truly global collaboration in which we have worked with a supremely talented collection of designers, writers, and translators - both established and up-and-coming - from around the globe to bring you an inspired selection wonderfully presented for your literary enjoyment.

Each of these eight stories tells multiple stories at the same time, many of them layered or wryly ironic, all of them hugely enjoyable and carefully presented in exquisitely designed chapbook form as a kind of literary tapas banquet for you to get your reading chops into.


Here's the full menu, for which we recommend a Cheongju Rice Wine pairing to sip along:

KNOCK OFF VIAGRA & JEJE... by Sang Young Park // Anton Hur

TAKE MY VOICE by Serang Chung // Anton Hur

TOWARDS 0% by Seo Ije // Rachel Min Park

KYOKO & KYOJI by Han Junghyun // Emily Yae Won

THE GREATEST GAMBLE... by Kwak Jaesik // Hyowon Yun

WALK WITH A GODDESS by Ji-min Lee // Paige Aniyah Morris

LIKE A BARBIE by Park Min-Jung // Clare Richards

FOR THAT WHICH... by Park Wanseo //Soobin Kim

IYAGI was made possible by generous funding from LTI Korea

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