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IYAGI / 이야기 
Translation Competition

Would you like the opportunity to be the English language translator of one of Strangers Press' chapbooks for the upcoming series of Korean short stories, IYAGI (이야기: meaning 'story' or 'talk'... ) ? If so, all you have to do is:

First, download the extract of '복원되지 못한 것들을 위하여'  by 박완서 ('What Cannot Be Restored' by Park Wansuh) in PDF or Word.


Then submit your up-to-1,500-words maximum translation of the full extract (fewer than 1500 words in English is fine), along with your 50-100 words biography, using our form below, by the deadline of 00:00AM GMT 16th August, 2021.


Applications are welcome from translators anywhere in the world who have not yet been paid for publication in book or chapbook form, though magazine and online publication is fine. Co-translations are ineligible.

The winner will be announced in the first half of September, 2021, and will be awarded a full grant from LTI Korea to translate the entire text for inclusion as a chapbook in the IYAGI series.

The competition judges are translator and IYAGI series editor, Anton Hur, writer, Krys Lee, and Strangers Press.


The full translation will need to be completed by December, 2021, when it will be edited, by Anton Hur and Strangers Press, before being published, along with the rest of the IYAGI series, in April, 2022. 


See here for full press release. See here for announcement in The Bookseller.

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