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“ suddenly rushed out onto the road, as if chased, and leapt straight into my arms. That is how I ended up taking it home.”


An enthralling selection of shorter stories in which, among many other things besides, we encounter death as a supernatural beast-presence trapped inside a box only to escape and cause mayhem in a local village; a darkly comic fable concerning a father and his son set in a world where children take on the forms of different animals as part of their 'formal education'; and a series of micro fiction 'stations', or vignettes, recounting different scenes, characters or dreams on an implied narrative journey.

About the Author

Vidas Morkūnas
(b. 1962) is a published Lithuanian author of prose and poetry, also a literary translator. In 1992 he graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (screenwriting). He has penned three books of short stories, one of poetry and published about 50 translations (from English, Polish, Russian, German). He is a member of the Lithuanian Writers Union and of the Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators. Morkūnas has also won several literary awards, his latest book ‘Pakeleivingų stotys’ (Wayfarers Stations) was shortlisted for the Book of the Year award and won the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore award for most creative book (2019).

About the Translator
Kotryna Garanašvili

is a writer, translator and interpreter working with English, Lithuanian, French, German, Russian, and Georgian. She is currently a PhD Candidate and Associate Tutor at the University of East Anglia and a member of the BCLT Research Group. Her research is funded by CHASE Arts and Humanities Research Council. She is the winner of the Emerging Translator Mentorship at the National Centre for Writing and has been awarded traineeships at the EU Council and the European Parliament.

Death & Other Stories by Vidas Morkūnas

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