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Okada is on a business trip to Budapest when he meets enigmatic Misa and her Italian girlfriend, Federica. Inexplicably drawn to Misa, he agrees to accompany the couple to a lavish party in Pest. On arrival, Federica ominously disappears, and Misa and Okada find themselves locked in a penthouse room with ten other guests. They are promised that they will be freed at dawn, providing that they follow the commands given to them by five spectators… 

A modern tale of memory, sexual tension and kink, Hirano's short story runs through the labyrinth it constructs, the narrative twisting, forking, hiding its secrets just around the corner.

Translated by Kerim Yazar.


Design by Nigel Aono-Billson.


With a foreword by John Freeman.

Transparent Labyrinth by Keiichiro Hirano

SKU: 978-1911343080
  • ISBN: 978-1911343080

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