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Authors & Translators 
Keiichiro Hirano

Keiichiro Hirano is the author of The Transparent Labyrinth: Okada is on a business trip to Budapest when he meets enigmatic Misa and her Italian girlfriend, Federica. Inexplicably drawn to Misa, he agrees to accompany the couple to a lavish party in Pest... 

Natsuki Ikezawa

Natsuki Ikezawa is the author of Mariko / Mariquita, a story about Kyojiro, a cultural anthropologist, days away from making the trip of his career when he meets Mariko, a free-spirited Japanese woman living on Guam...

Misumi Kubo

Misumi Kubo is the author of Mikumari, a story about a schoolboy is in his senior year who attends Comiket, a comic market in Tokyo. There, he meets a married woman ten years his senior, a cosplayer who goes by the name of Anzu...

Aoko Matsuda

Aoko Matsuda is the author of The Girl Who Is Getting Married, in which an unnamed narrator visits her friend in her apartment on the fifth floor of an anonymous building. With each flight of steps, the narrator recalls different memories of the time they have spent together...

Yoko Tawada

Yoko Tawada is the author of Time Differences: Mamoru wakes up at 9am in Berlin, eats breakfast, and then sets off to teach a Japanese language class, carrying a sashimi knife in his bag. At same moment in New York, Manfred lurches from a dream where a fisherman was about to gut him he wakes just in time to make his morning work-out. Meanwhile, Michael is preparing to go to the late-night gym in Tokyo, thinking of a man he met in Berlin only weeks before...

Nao-Cola Yamazaki

Nao-Cola Yamazaki is the author of Friendship for Grown-Ups, a collection of three stories. In the first we meet Kandagawa, whose relationship with Mano ended over four years ago -- which is why she is surprised when he calls her, drunk, to tell her that their old apartment has been knocked down...

Juliet Winters Carpenter

Juliet Winters Carpenter is the translator of Masatsugo Ono's At The Edge of the Wood.

Jeffrey Angles

Jeffrey Angles is the translator of Yoko Tawada's Time Differences.

Kyoko Yoshida

Kyoko Yoshida is the author of Spring Sleepers, in which Yuki has not slept for two months. He's been infected with insomnia, a condition spreading throughout the city's high-profile businessmen...

Alfred Birnbaum

Alfred Birnbaum is the translator of Natsuki Ikezawa's Mariko / Mariquita.

Polly Barton

Polly Barton is the translator of Misumi Kubo's Mikumari and Nao-Cola Yamazaki's Friendship For Grown-Ups.

Angus Turvill

Angus Turvill is the translator of Aoko Matsuda's The Girl Who Is Getting Married.

Masatsugu Ono

Masatsugu Ono is the author of At The Edge of the Wood, a small collection of three stories. In the first, when his wife returns to her parents house to have their second child, an unnamed narrator and his son are left to manage by themselves. Instead of absence, what the father and son begin to notice is a strange noise...

Kerim Yasar

Kerim Yasar is the translator of Keiichiro Hirano's Transparent Labyrinth.

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