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“He asks what she thinks. She says it's hard to imagine the same thing he imagines. No matter how close you are, it is impossible to get into someone else's head.”


Another wonderfully varied selection of shorter stories this time featuring the tribulations of a successful filmmaker, a young couple who visit a nudist beach while on holiday and gain a new perspective, a woman who has lost her husband and an insurance salesman who finds himself obsessed with the voice of a client on the phone. All again highly recommended!

About the Author

Akvilė Kavaliauskaitė 

is a journalist and prose writer. She was born in 1988 in Ukmergė (Lithuania) and graduated from the Vilnius University Institute of Journalism in 2011. In 2013, she became one of the creators of a popular TV social documentary, Lithuanians Around The World. Her debut novel Two Lives In One Summer (‘Du gyvenimai per vieną vasarą’) was published by Alma Littera in 2015. In 2020 she published a collection of short stories called Bodies (‘Kūnai’) with Balto Leidybos Namai which won the Lithuanian Book of the Year Award.


About the Translator

Erika Lastovskytė
translates from Lithuanian and Italian and holds an MA in English Studies from Vilnius University. Her translations of short stories have appeared in The Happy Hypocrite, The Baltic Riveter, and the Lithuanian Photography Annual. She is a creator, developer and manager of various cultural programmes and has worked on projects such as the Summer Literary Seminars International in Lithuania (2011–2014) and the Baltic Women Writers’ Tour in the UK (2017). She is the winner of the prestigious Emerging Translator Mentorships Programme organised by the National Centre for Writing, and individual and educational grants from the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Bodies by Akvilė Kavaliauskaitė

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