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A poet reflects on the lives of the different generations of women around her as she contemplates her own divorce from a socially-engaged photographer; her feelings are complicated by the ethics of public/private, art/life divisions, as well as the country’s contemporary history. The story reveals the raw complexity of gender dynamics in a society still hobbled by the demands forced on its people through war and ideology and rapid modernization; it is a good reminder of the different feminisms that do and must exist.


KIM SOOM was born in 1974, and debuted as a writer when her stories were selected for publications by Daejeon Ilbo in 1997 and Munhakdongne in 1998. A prolific writer, she has published numerous short story collections and novels to date, including the most recent collection Your Saviour, and the novels One Person, L's Sneakers, and The Flowing Letter. She is the recipient of the Hyundae Munhak Prize, the Daesan Literature Prize, Yi Sang Prize, and Dongri Literature Prize.


EMILY YAE WON is a literary translator based in Seoul. Her translations include Hwang Jungeun’s I’ll Go On (Tilted Axis Press,2018) and Korean translations of Ali Smith, Djuna Barnes, Jenni Fagan, Joanna Walsh and Deborah Levy.

Divorce by Kim Soom

SKU: 978-1-911343-61-5
  • 978-1-911343-61-5

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