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Across these three wonderfully written stories, small events have major consequences, and take on symbolic significance, as major events fade. In one, a depressed woman participates as the sole female attendee in a therapeutic lumberjack camp where participants chop wood and engaging in primal scream therapy. Elsewhere, a mother and father mourn the loss of their son, each struggling in their own separate ways to cope with his death. Despite the ostensible simplicity of the writing style, this is a voice of delicate complexity, laced with dry, deadpan humour, which springs from a deep and humane imagination.


MAARTJE WORTEL is the author of several novels and short story collections, and the latest of which, Er moet iets gebeuren, provides the stories for her VERZET publication. It was nominated for the Fintro Literature Prize and the ECI Literature Prize. Maartje is also a journalist and her columns appear in NRC Next and Trouw.


JOZEF VAN DER VOORT is a translator working from Dutch, German and French into English. He won a department prize for academic performance when completing his MA in Translation Studies at University of Sheffield, and worked for two years as a copywriter at Amazon at their EU HQ in Luxembourg.

Something Has To Happen by Maartje Wortel

SKU: 978-1-911343-34-9
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