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“So it was that a happy historical coincidence came to be: sex came into my life after the fall of the Soviet Empire…"


Two charged and psychologically intruiging short stories that experiment entertainingly within a contemporary gothic mode. In one, a doctor relates his dark fascination with a patient as things fall apart; in the other a sexual awakening has tragic and transgressive consequences; both, in lucid prose, speak emblematically of shifts or breakdowns of social orders more broadly.


About the Author

Tomas Vaiseta

(b. 1984) is a Lithuanian writer, historian and associate professor at the Faculty of History of Vilnius University. His debut collection of short stories ‘Paukščių miegas’ (The Sleep of Birds, 2014) and his novel ‘Orfėjas, kelionė pirmyn ir atgal’ (Orpheus: A Journey There and Back, 2016) were included in the top five books for adults in the Book of the Year selection in Lithuania. His latest novel, ‘Ch.’, was nominated for European Union Prize for Literature 2022 and was awarded the Jurga Ivanauskaitė Literary Prize 2022. It was also included in The List of Top Twelve Most Creative Books of 2021 in Lithuania. Vaiseta has written three historical monographs: ‘Nuobodulio visuomenė’ (Society of Boredom, 2014), ‘Vasarnamis’ (Summerhouse, 2018) and together with historian Valdemaras Klumbys - ‘Mažasis o: seksualumo kultūra sovietų Lietuvoje’ (The Little O: Culture of Sexuality in Soviet Lithuania, 2022). He lives in Vilnius.


About the Translator

Jeremy Hill

is a translator, editor and writer. He has translated several novels and works of non-fiction (e.g. The Philosophy of Music; Neringa: An Architectural Guide) from Lithuanian into English and edited others. His translation in this book of short stories by Tomas Vaiseta follows his translation of the novel Orpheus: A Journey There and Back by the same author.

The Sleep Of Birds by Tomas Vaiseta

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