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These two stories take unconventional positions within short story archetypes. 'The Tourist Butcher' is a grimly comic tale about a serial killer who prepares his victims for a culinary dish, while 'Memories in Tin Foil' follows the nightmares and existential crises of a psychology student who receives a slice of human brain as a gift from a biologist roommate. Both demonstrate dark or horrifying underworlds in which the reader’s mind might get lost.


JAMAL OUARIACHI has written four novels and a collection of short stories. He won the European Union Prize for Literature and the BNG Bank Literature Prize for his fourth novel A Hunger (2015). He grew up in a ‘typically Dutch multicultural family’ and studied Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.


SCOTT EMBLEN-JARRETT graduated from UCL in 2015 in Dutch and Spanish. He held a residency at the Translators House in Amsterdam, translating the work of Radna Fabias. His first full length translation work, Jules Deelder's poetry collection Transeuropa, was published in 2019.

The Tourist Butcher by Jamal Ouariachi

SKU: 978-1-911343-30-1
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