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KŪNAI, which means 'bodies' in Lithuanian, is our first 'mini series' of five chapbooks all bundled into one exquisitely designed gift set for you (you've earned it!) or a friend (so have they!) to enjoy...


This time we're showcasing writing never-before-seen in English from an exciting selection of the finest contemporary writers and translators working, you guessed it, in Lithuanian!

True to the series title, these stories display a wide panorama of 'bodies'; political, social, physical; they deal with corporeality, like collages made of details, symbols and impressions. Above all, though, they're great short reads; like shots of linguistic espresso for the mind - each their own experience, in series, but all building together into one beautifully designed set that's sure to give you that joyful little Strangers Press literary buzz.

KŪNAI was made possible by generous funding from The Lithuanian Culture Institute, so many thanks to them.

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